Former student in Sainte-Anne d'Auray Sacred Music Academy (2001-2011), Angéline also studied organ since 2004. She was a student in Lorient Conservatoire (2008-2012), and integrated Didier Helleux's singing class during that period. In September 2012, Angéline integrated Jacques Schwarz's singing class and studied choir conduction with Rolandas Muléika in Toulouse Conservatoire. In 2017, she joined Tours Conservatoire and studies classical and baroque singing with Noémi Rime and renaissance organ with Jean-Luc Etienne.

Angéline sang as choral singer and soloist in numerous choirs around France as l'Ensemble Baroque de Toulouse (Conductor: Michel Brun), l'Ensemble Antiphona (Conductor: Rolandas Muléika), l'Ensemble Arianna (Conductor: Marie-Paule Nounou), l'Ensemble Dulci Jubilo (Conductor: Christopher Gibert), le Choeur de l'Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire (Conductor: Valérie Fayet) et l'Ensemble Consonance (Conductor: François Bazola).

She is a founding member of the ensemble since its creation in 2011.



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Former student in Sainte-Anne d'Auray Sacred Music Academy (2004-2011), Hélène studied piano with Brigitte Merer between 1999 and 2011. As a chorister or soloist, Hélène took part to numerous productions. She participates in a Master-Class with Alain Buet, singing teacher in the famous Paris Conservatoire.


Since September 2011, she studies medicine in Angers' University. Between September 2012 and June 2014, she integrated the "Jeune Chœur" d'Angers, conducted y Sophie Siegler. In September 2014, she integrated the Choir of Angers Conservatoire.

She is a founding member of the ensemble since its creation in 2011.



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Former student at the Lorient Conservatory, Tristan began learning choral singing in choirs conducted by Fabrine Loret (2002-2012) before joining Strasbourg, where he joined the Conservatory with Marie Kobayashi as singing teacher.

Between 2014 and 2015, he got a scholarship and joined the Royal Holloway Choir, University of London, conducted by Rupert Gough. This vocal group of 24 singers is considered as one of the best mixed choirs in the United Kingdom.


In the summer of 2019, Tristan joined the Mikrokosmos Choir, conducted by Loïc Pierre. As internationally renowned choir, Mikrokosmos is invited in prestigious festivals and its shows are repeated many times, in France and around the world.


In addition to his many experiences as a singer, Tristan has been working in close collaboration with the Les Musicales de Redon festival since 2018. In 2019, Tristan created Noxe Productions, a distribution structure and a musical label promoting young ensembles, which works on the spatialization and enhancement of heritage through classical music, and in particularly with contemporary music.


Tristan has been a founding member of the Sottovoce Ensemble since its creation in 2011.



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After studying at the Bordeaux conservatory and at the Maîtrise de Notre-Dame de Paris, Adrien joined the professional ensembles La Tempête and Les Métaboles with which he gained a wealth of experience in numerous festivals. Since his arrival in Brittany in 2016, he has joined the Mélisme(s) choir, the Rennes Opera choir, the Sonopsie ensemble and the Oxymore Octet. He also performs as an oratorio soloist: we could see him in 2018 in the passion according to Saint John by Jean-Sébastien Bach with the Baroque Ensemble of Rennes. He is currently improving with Agnès Brosset and Frédérique Lory.


Adrien Bâty joined the Sottovoce Ensemble in March 2020.

Adrien BÂTY